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Lunchtime Lager

What’s in a Name?

What’s better than a great beer at lunch?  Not much. But, you’ve got a lot of things to get done, and you don’t want lunch to slow you down.  That’s why this is the beer for you.  A 3.5% ABV light American lager, brewed to perfection and great to pair with almost any type of food.

Schoolhouse’s Take on this Style

Some would call this the brewer’s beer, or maybe your shifty.  The use of Pilsen malt gives this a crispy cracker taste along with a touch of acidulated malt giving it a clean finish.  This is not your parent’s yellow fizzy water in a can.  Lunchtime will never be the same.

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American Light Lager Tasting Notes (BJCP 2015)


Very pale straw to pale yellow color. White, frothy head seldom persists. Very clear.


Low to no malt aroma, although it can be perceived as grainy, sweet, or corn-like if present. Hop aroma is light to none, with a spicy or floral hop character if present. While a clean fermentation character is desirable, a light amount of yeast character (particularly a light apple fruitiness) is not a fault. Light DMS is not a fault.


Relatively neutral palate with a crisp and dry finish and a low to very low grainy or corn-like flavor that might be perceived as sweetness due to the low bitterness. Hop flavor ranges from none to low levels, and can have a floral, spicy, or herbal quality (although rarely strong enough to detect). Low to very low hop bitterness. Balance may vary from slightly malty to slightly bitter, but is relatively close to even. High levels of carbonation may accentuate the crispness of the dry finish. Clean lager fermentation character.