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Limited Kegs - Get with your ReP

Lose My Mind (6%):

Prepare for a dose of pine and resin goodness as this classic West Coast style delivers exactly what you’re looking for!  It’ll make you lose your mind, up in here.

keg size / price              #

¼ bbl /    $125                9

½ bbl /    $210               3

The Illest Villain (7%):

This DIPA rocks the house like rock ‘n roll. It’s got more soul than a sock with a hole.  When this brew’s at the mic, you don’t go next.

keg size / price              #

¼ bbl /  $160                 8

½ bbl /    $220               3


Currant Event (4%):

This tart and tasty berliner weisse was heavily dosed with red currant. It’s the newest, in new.

keg size / price              #

   ¼ bbl /  $185             7


Lofn 7%

Named after the Goddess of Forbidden Love, this brew has a deep reddish-copper color, moderately strong malt notes, with rich malty flavors, and dark or dried fruit esters. Prepare to fall for this This

Belgian Style Dubbel! 

keg size / price              #

¼ bbl /   $160                1

Vidar Barleywine (9%)

Like most American craft beer styles, this one is derived from English examples. But, we opted to use American ingredients featuring a much more forward hop profile.
In Schoolhouse’s version of this classic style, our brewer took a hybrid approach to ingredients. We used both melanoidin malt and crystal 60 grains to give that raisin sweetness of a traditional barleywine. Use of high alpha acid hops provided that piney resin taste everyone looks for in this style.

keg size / price              #

¼ bbl /  $160                 3

½ bbl /    $220               2

Freyr Saison (5%)

An aroma that starts with fruit and that distinctive saison “funk”

and a flavor that finishes with a hint of cloves and a low bitterness that combines for an easy drinking experience, Freyr is exactly what you have been looking for in your new favorite beer from Schoolhouse.

keg size / price             #

½ bbl /   $210                 1

Ullr Winter Warmer (7%)

This winter warmer was brewed with cold and windy days in mind. We started with a massive grain bill to bring the malt notes to the front, starting sweet and then just a touch of warmth from the Cinnamon washes over you. Muted floral hop notes from the English hops finish you off. This beer is best enjoyed slow to really let it thaw you out of your winter freeze!

keg size / price              #

¼ bbl /  $160                 4

½ bbl /   $220                2

Sunshine of Your Love: 5%

Sunshine of your love is an easy drinking wheat, pale and hazy. It’s dawn surprise? A hint of citrus on the finish. Brewed with Espe yeast and German hallertau hops for a balanced and slightly bitter finish. Carbonated to perfection, with a 4.7 ABV this is the best way to end the day.

keg size / price              #

½ bbl /   $210                 1


Blue RAD-berry, Bro! 

A 5% brilliant blue seltzer that’s sure to get the attention of anyone at the bar!  This tasty hard beverage packs a delightful flavor with just the proper amount of blackberry and raspberry.  It’s totally rad, bro!

keg size / price            #

1/4 bbl / $120               3






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