Cobb Christmas 60th Anniversary Toy Drive & Birthday Party

As Cobb Christmas celebrates their momentous 60th anniversary toy drive and birthday, there’s no better time to join hands and hearts in making a difference! This year, your support means more than ever as we endeavor to brighten the holiday season for children from low-income families in Cobb County. Every donation, whether a toy or a contribution, fuels our mission to ensure that these young souls experience the joy and wonder of Christmas morning. Your generosity doesn’t just provide gifts; it creates moments of happiness, fosters community spirit, and cultivates hope. Together, let’s weave a tapestry of compassion and warmth, ensuring that every child in Cobb County feels cherished and remembered this holiday season.

Your contribution, whether big or small, has the power to make an enormous impact on a child’s life. From a humble toy to a monetary donation, each gesture amplifies the spirit of giving and spreads smiles that transcend any socioeconomic barriers. By supporting Schoolhouse Brewing and Cobb Christmas’ 60th anniversary toy drive and birthday celebration, you’re not just offering gifts; you’re granting children the priceless gift of believing in magic, kindness, and the warmth of humanity. Join us in creating lasting memories and building a community where every child feels the joy and wonder of the holiday season. Together, let’s make this anniversary celebration a testament to the incredible generosity and compassion within our community.

The event is finished.

2 Comments on Cobb Christmas 60th Anniversary Toy Drive & Birthday Party

  1. J. Anglin says:

    How do I make a donation, cannot attend the Cobb Christmas even on Thursday, November 30th (60th anniversary)?

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