Cheezd and Confused Food truck

Dan has always been good with people. In fact, it’s his love for people that got him and the Olive Garden he managed ranked with the fourth highest guest satisfaction across the country. His mind and heart are wired for customer service. But the food? The food was always just a dream.

Truthfully, Dan has carried this dream for 33 years. While his life took him different places, he started out as a thirteen year old cooking at a Jewish day camp on Long Island. Even then, his foot into the world of food all started because he put a bagel with cheese on it in an oven he wasn’t supposed to.

Then one day at church a friend looked right at him and said, “It’s time to give into your gift.”

That’s when Dan took the step and leaned into this dream he had believed would only ever be just that: a dream. He became “What’s For Dinner Dan” on Facebook and landed a wedding gig. From there, he wound up catering a friend’s birthday party — and the domino affect fell into place from there.

And the dream only gets bigger. Dan will be the first to say that he has been amazed at the opportunities he has had since stepping out in faith to help people scratch their cheesy itch. From being given a space in Downtown Woodstock to stand outside and grill for passer-by’s to the way he has been able to set up at different breweries over the weekends, making new friends and having fun over some supreme grilled cheese sandwiches. Cheez’d and Confuzed has changed his life.

Be on the look out for what happens next! Dan is planning on expanding to 5 or 6 food trucks, having just purchased a 1962 camper to cater out of.

If you haven’t tried one yet, you need to get your hands on a Cheez’d and Confuzed sandwich!

The event is finished.

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