Live music with Dan Foster

Dan Foster is an American singer/songwriter, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dan was born in Columbus, Georgia in the fall of 1946.  His family moved to Michigan when he was only a few months old.  His father was never around, so he was raised by his mother in a family of very modest means.  After graduating high school, he enlisted in the Marine Corp and made two trips to Vietnam.

Dan began his music career in the early seventies playing coffee houses while attending Michigan State University.  He has been passionate about his music ever since.

Moving to Florida in 1977, Dan played lead guitar and sang harmony in several cover bands.

In 1989 he continued his musical career in Atlanta, writing and singing with groups such as “Minimum Balance” and “High Cotton”.  In 2012 Dan began his solo career and is backed by “The Radio Rangers” when playing larger venues.

His musical influences include Dickey Betts, Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan and most importantly John Prine.  Dan believes there is “no one that writes quite like John” and as Bob Dylan put it, “it’s pure Proustian Existentialism.”  John could recover years of the lost past in the short chorus of a song.

Dan’s music is driven by events in his life that can only be explained in a spiritual sense.  His songs are tales of the American experience.  Small towns, the people who lived there, and the changes we all experience in our lives.

According to Dan, playing a well-crafted song on an acoustic guitar is about as good it gets.

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