Training on Tap

Introducing “Training on Tap”: Unleash Well-Behaved Brewers! We are so excited to partner with Schoohouse Brewing to bring you this event.🐾

🐢 Do you dream of enjoying a cold brew with your best furry friend by your side? Say goodbye to unruly behavior and join our “Training on Tap” class, where your pup will become the epitome of brewery manners!

🍺 Get ready for a one-of-a-kind training experience that combines obedience training with brewery etiquette. Led by our experienced trainers, “Training on Tap” guarantees an enjoyable and educational journey for both you and your pup.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Here’s what you can expect from “Training on Tap”:

1️⃣ Canine Command Mastery: From sit, stay and place to polite leash walking, your dog will work on essential commands. Our trainers use effective techniques to ensure a happy and engaged companion. Cheers to well-trained pups!

2️⃣ Brewery Etiquette 101: We understand the unique challenges of brewery environments. Our classes focus on teaching your pup how to stay calm amidst tempting aromas and distractions, respect personal space, and ignore food and drinks that aren’t for them. Your dog will become a true brewery connoisseur!

3️⃣ Pawsitive Experiences: We believe in making every adventure with your dog a joyful one. Our “Training on Tap” class will equip you with valuable tips and techniques to ensure that taking your dog out becomes a positive experience for both of you. From handling unexpected situations to creating a bond built on trust and enjoyment, you’ll become a confident and happy duo wherever you go!

πŸ“† Don’t miss your chance to be part of “Training on Tap”! Join us for a barkin’ good time and create unforgettable brewery experiences with your well-behaved pup. Cheers to a paw-some partnership! 🐾🍻

We have 10 working spots available and 15 observation spots for this event.

There are no prerequisites for an observation spot, just bring yourself and maybe something to take notes with! Observation tickets cannot bring a dog.

Prerequisites for a working spot (bring your dog)

*This event is not suitable for reactive (jumping, lunging, barking, excessive excitement) or aggressive dogs.

Able to eat treats around dogs/people
Understand sit & down
Settle in one place
Basic leash skills
Basic response to verbal cues

The event is finished.

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