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Mon/Tues 4 - 9pm (no homebrew)

Wed/Thurs 12 - 9pm

Fri/Sat 12 - 11pm

Sun 1 - 6pm

Taproom General Manager

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Schoolhouse Brewing is proud to carry a wide assortment of beer brewing ingredients for extract and all-grain brewers. Why settle for a bland and uninteresting macro beer when you can brew your own using quality ingredients? Want something special or need help with a recipe? Don't be scared to contact us, we're here to help!

Click here for scaled down homebrew recipes on each of our beers!

To better service our guests, please e-mail us at with at least 1 day notice for any homebrew order.

Please Include:

- If you want grains milled

- If you'd like grains all together in 1 bag

- Time of pick up 

Homebrew Supply store OPEN!

At our NEW location

840 Franklin Court Suite 100

Marietta, GA 30067