2024 Mug Club

Step into the exclusive realm of Schoolhouse Brewing’s New Customer Loyalty Mug Club, where every month unfurls new delights and cherished traditions get an exciting refresh! See Benefits Below.


2024 Mug Club

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  • Embrace Tradition or Refresh With Out a New Mug: Retain the familiar comfort of last year’s 20oz high-quality ceramic mug with a renewal at only $100,
  • Get This Years Mug: or invigorate your mug experience by taking home a new one for $135, keeping the legacy alive either way.
  • Brewery Style on the Go: A limited-release hat is yours, weaving the essence of Schoolhouse Brewing into your daily adventures.  Plus, all pre-orders will also receive a limited edition mug club t-shirt!
  • More Beer, More Joy: Every 16oz pour magically transforms into a 20oz serving, ensuring each visit overflows with satisfaction.
  • Twice the Taste on Tuesdays: Our Two For Tuesday special doubles your beer pleasure, translating to a yearly bounty of up to $365.
  • Merchandise with a Bonus: Snag your favorite brewery gear with a 10% discount, because true fans deserve the best.
  • First Sip of Freshness: With first rights to our special releases, you’re always in the inner circle of our brewing innovations.
  • Collector’s Delight: Buy three special release bottles, and the fourth is on us, a nod to your refined taste, adding $90 to your treasure trove.
  • Eventful Memories: Your annual free pass to our event space, valued at $400, awaits to transform your milestones into legendary gatherings.
  • Exclusive Monthly Deals: Unlock an enticing monthly discount or deal, curated exclusively for Mug Club members, adding an average of $10 in value each month to your membership experience.
Renew your journey with Schoolhouse Brewing’s Loyalty Mug Club, where every month is a toast to our shared passion for craft beer and the community that makes it special. Let’s raise a glass to another year of unique brews, cherished moments, and the exclusive perks that make being a part of our club a truly enriching experience!

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