A Boysen Named Sue KIT

A crisp, refreshing boysenberry sour that’s perfect for those sunny days in the back yard.
(lactobacillus and fruit puree not included in kit) Approx 4% ABV

All kits include: brewing instructions, milled grains and/or extract, hops, dry yeast, muslin bag, priming sugar, and bottle caps.

This is an advanced level kit. Kit does NOT include Lactobacillus or fruit flavoring. 

Boysen Named Sue 5 Gallon All Grain

Boysen Named Sue Extract Recipe – (Click Here

This is an advanced level kit. You must be able to hold the mash at temperature for approximately 48-70 hours.

In order to complete this kit, after the MASH reduce temperature to temperature directed by Lactobacillus packaging.

After Souring is completed, proceed with boil as normal.

Fruiting is done in secondary and is to taste. We recommend starting with 8oz of Cherry Puree and adjusting from there.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

A Boysen Named Sue KIT

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