Schoolhouse Brewing 2024 Chicken Wing Cook-off!

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Schoolhouse Brewing 2024 Chicken Wing Cook-off!

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πŸ“… Date: June 22, 2024
πŸ’° Entry Fee: $50 (includes 15lbs of wings to cook)
πŸ•š Start Time: Be prepped and ready to cook by 11 AM
πŸ— Tasting/Judging: Wings need to be ready for tasting/judging at 1 PM

Get ready for the ultimate wing showdown! Here’s everything you need to know:

πŸ† Judging:

  • People’s Choice: Each judge gets 2 tickets to vote for their 2 favorite wings.
  • Bring as many wings as you want to increase your chances of winning!
  • One wing is defined as either the flat or the drum with bones left in.

🎁 Prizes:

  • 1st Place: $200
  • 2nd Place: $100
  • 3rd Place: $50

πŸ— What We Provide:

  • Wing cups/trays and napkins.

🍽 What You Need to Bring:

  • A grill, smoker, or any cooking device (no electricity provided, bring your own gas stove, grill, cooker, etc.).
  • All materials for preparation, cooking, and serving of wings.
  • Ensure uncooked wings stay below 40 degrees and cooked wings reach a minimum of 160 degrees and are served within the hour.
  • A 10’ x 10’ pop-up tent (recommended), tables and chairs, snacks, soft drinks, and water.
  • Paper towels, hand sanitizer, a fishbowl or tip jar for collecting tickets.
  • Table decorations and a sign identifying your wings and any unusual ingredients (for those with food allergies).

πŸ”₯ Pro Tip:

  • The more wings you bring, the better your chances of getting more votes and not running out of samples. So, feel free to bring more than the provided 15lbs of wings!

πŸ“ Check-In:

  • Must be registered and PAID IN FULL upon arrival. No exceptions.
  • Check-in starts at 9 AM, volunteers will show you your spot (spots are assigned, not chosen).
  • Drop off your gear, move your vehicle, and then set up your area.
  • Late arrivals (after 11 AM) will not be allowed in. No refunds.

πŸŽ‰ Additional Details:

  • This event is a bottleneck, so please move your vehicle promptly after dropping off your gear.
  • Make sure to bring everything you need to ensure a smooth and fun cooking experience!

Mark your calendars and get ready to fire up those grills! We can’t wait to see you at the Schoolhouse Brewing 2024 Chicken Wing Cook-off!

For more information and to register, visit our website or contact us directly.

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