Vidar the Avenger American Barleywine Homebrew Clone Kit

This beer is a dark copper color that starts smooth, and finishes bittersweet. Clocking in at 9%, it is a brew worthy of fighting through Ragnarok!

All kits include: brewing instructions, milled grains and/or extract, hops, dry yeast, muslin bag, priming sugar, and bottle caps 

Vidar All-Grain Recipe (Click Here)

Vidar Extract Recipe (Click Here)

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Vidar the Avenger American Barleywine Homebrew Clone Kit

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Vidar is known as a warrior god and an excellent fighter. Only Thor had greater strength than Vidar. But unlike Thor, who seems to have been quite boastful, Vidar is known as the silent god. The true god of vengeance attacks slowly and quietly.

Like any good 9% beer, this beer will sneak up on you slowly, quietly, and if not respected, will leave you hurting the next day. Like most American craft beer styles, they are derived from English examples. But, using American ingredients and featuring a much more forward hop profile.
In Schoolhouse’s version of this classic style, our brewer took a hybrid approach to ingredients. We are using both melanoidin and crystal 60 grains to give that raisin sweetness of a traditional barleywine. Using high alpha acid hops to provide that piney resin taste everyone looks for in this style.

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