Zodiac Killer Vol 3: Capricorn KIT

Brewed as an homage to those represented by the goat with the tail of a fish, this West Coast IPA ale reflects both their strengths and weaknesses.  Strong copper metallic notes connect one to the Earth and reflect a disciplined and traditional craft.  However, just as Capricorns are in tune with their inner monsters, this brew too has a slightly bitter side.

Approx 6.5% ABV

All kits include: brewing instructions, milled grains and/or extract, hops, dry yeast, muslin bag, priming sugar, and bottle caps.

Zodiac Vol 3 5 Gallon Extract

Zodiac Vol 3 5 Gallon All Grain

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Zodiac Killer Vol 3: Capricorn KIT

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All Grain, Extract

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