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Baptism by trub

Trub is the lees, or layer of sediment, at the bottom of the fermenter after the yeast has completed the bulk of the fermentation. "Baptism by trub" is when a new brewer accidentally gets hit with some form of cold beer yeast, hops, or trub while on the job.



31 U.S. gallons. A unit that breweries use to measure yearly output. A standard "keg" is a half barrel or 15.5 gallons.



Abbreviation for "barrel" and how brewers measure all beer (i.e.: "I brew on a 5 bbl system" or "I brewed 2000 bbls last year.") 


Bottle share (or simply "Share")

When beer geeks congregate and bring along beers to share with other collectors. These bottles are often expensive, rare, and more coveted beers, allowing more people to taste limited offerings.



Short for Brettanomyces, a wild yeast (now domesticated) used in fermentation. It often turns beers tart and funky.



Bacteria (like Pediococcus) and/or wild yeast (like Brettanomyces) used in fermentation.



The wooden stopper in old-style Hoff-Stevens kegs. It needs to be removed ("de-bunged") with a bung hammer and then replaced ("bunging the keg") when cleaning and filling the kegs.



The level of carbonation of a beer in volumes of CO2.



"Case equivalents." How distributors measure beer sales in units.



To lower the temperature on a fermenter to make the yeast go dormant and sink to the bottom of the fermenter.



A unique can/growler hybrid, first created by Oskar Blues Brewery, which is becoming increasingly popular at individual bars and breweries. Prison City has a Crowler system.



An easy-going, super-drinkable beer. These are well-balanced beers with low-to-medium alcohol by volume (A.B.V.) but tons of flavor that make you want to go back for more. "Oh man, Founders All Day I.P.A. is so crushable."



A descriptive term used for hoppy beers, especially I.P.A.s, meaning it has sticky, resiny, and marijuana-like characteristics.


D.E.A.D. Time

"Drop Everything And Drink." This is when everyone working in the brewery stops to taste samples of beer going to the canning line immediately before it runs, which acts as a measure of quality control.


Diacetyl bomb

A beer that has a noticeable buttery/butterscotch flavor due to improper fermentation.


Drain pour

A beer that is so bad you have to pour it down the drain instead of drinking it. Labeling certain coveted beers as "drain pours" has become a sport amongst the snobbiest of beer geeks.


Drop yeast

To remove dormant yeast from fermented beer.



A nine-gallon cask.


Fish killer

A six-pack ringing machine, so-called because the plastic rings have long been rumored to kill marine life who get stuck in them.



Flocculation refers to the ability of yeast to bind together after fermentation has occurred and fall out of solution. Generally, Belgian beers and wild yeast beers do not like to flocc, and thus create cloudier beers like witbiers and saisons. (As we say, "Brett don't give a flocc.")



A combination of fittings used to pull yeast and hops from the bottom port of a fermenter. It is shaped like a goose's neck.



Term of endearment for a 32-ounce growler.



An over-carbonated beer, so-called because it immediately gushes out of the bottle once opened, usually making a mess and causing you to lose beer.


High gravity beer

Beers with increased ethanol and thus a higher ABV.


Hop rocket

A device used to extract essential oils and flavors from beer ingredients such as hops (or vanilla beans). See "torpedo" below, another name for the device.



Someone who appreciates highly-hopped beer like I.P.A.s.


Hot water!

The phrase shouted to let folks know that the brewers are sending water to a tank in the cellar so that someone walking by does not get inadvertently soaked.



A descriptive term used for New England-style I.P.A.s, meaning it has a citrus fruit character (courtesy of specific hops) and juice-like mouth-feel.



Pronounced "love" and short for Lovibond, a standard of measurement for the color of beer/grains. Higher lov indicates a darker color.


Low fills

Cans of beer that fall below the minimum fill level for a quality cans. These cans are given to the brewers to be "destructively tested."


Mash in

An early step in the brewing process in which grain is mixed with hot water.


Mash out

A later step in the brewing process in which spent grain is separated from the wort.


Minnow basket

The screen filter basket in the hop rocket/torpedo. 



A person who stands in a beer line to get a limited release beer for another person, surely inspired by the term "drug mule." 


Neck Beard

The ultimate beer geek that gives up everything including shaving ones neck



A device used for sampling beer directly from a bright tank. It keeps the beer from foaming up. 



A 4.5-gallon cask.


Pitch yeast

Add yeast to wort, which begins the fermentation process. 


Sample cock

A device on a fermentation vessel which is used to take samples of beer for measurements and taste.


Shelf turd

A common beer easily found at your local store or, even worse, grocery story. This is not even necessarily a bad beer (i.e., "Can you believe KBS is turding it up at Whole Foods?")


Spent grain

The barley left over after mashing in. Breweries often give it to local farmers to feed their pigs, or even use it for bread, pizza crust, or cookies.



⅙ keg of beer.



Checking off beers you want to try, usually just by having a sip or two of them. Ticking is often the sport of looking for new beers just for the sake of "ticking (them) off" or saying you've tried them. A "ticker" is someone who participates in such activities.



A device used to extract essential oils and flavors from beer ingredients such as hops.


Truck Chaser

A person that will follow delivery trucks to get a hyped beer



An ultra-rare beer you may never find, so dubbed in honor of Ahab and his long-time search for Moby Dick. The rarest of the rare are sometimes called "white whales." ("Pliny isn't a whale—Cantillon Don Quijote, now that's a whale!")



Liquid from grain that is boiled in the kettle with hops before going into the fermenter. Essentially, un-fermented beer. 

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