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Schoolhouse Brewing has a fully stocked homebrew shop, including all of the yeast listed below.   We are happy to prepare orders in advance, so feel free to email your order to  Please include the amounts and types of grains, yeast, and hops, whether you prefer to have the grains milled, and the date/time you need them available for pick-up.


All the Bretts

Bayern Lager

Belgian Ale A

Belgian Ale W

Belgian Saison II Ale

Brett Blend #1 Where Da Funk?

Brett Blend #2 Bit O Funk

Brett Blend #3 Bring On Da Funk

British Ale I

British Ale V

British Ale VIII 

C2C Am. Farmhouse


German Lager


Hefeweizen Ale I

Hornindal Kveik

Hothead Ale

Irish Ale

Jovaru - Lithiuanian Farmhouse

Kolsch II

Lacto Blend

Saisonsteins Monster

Tropical IPA

Voss Kveik

West Coast Ale

White Labs

American Ale

Belgian Golden Ale

British Ale

Burlington Ale

California V Ale 

Charlie's Fist Bump

Coastal haze

Cream Ale

Czech Budejovice Lager

Dry English ale

Dusseldorf Alt

East Coast Ale

Edinburgh Scottish Ale

English ale

German Bock Lager

German Lager

High Pressure Lager

London Ale

London Fog ale

Mexican Lager

Oktoberfest/Marzen Lager

Pacific Ale

San Diego Super

San Francisco Lager

Super High Gravity Ale

Sweet Mead /Wine


Still Spirits Turbo

Turbo Yeast Express 24

Turbo Yeast Pure 48


Safale English S-04

Safale American US-05

Safbrew Wheat WB-06

Saflager German S-23

Safbrew Ale Trappist S-33

Saflager Bavarian W-34/70

Safbrew Spicy T-58

Safale German K-97

Saflager Swiss S-189

Safbrew Safcider

Safale Abbey BE-256


Belle Saison

BRY 97 American

CBC-1 Cask/Bottle Cond.

London ESB

Munich Wheat

Nottingham English

Windsor British


71B-1122 Nouveau

BM 4x4 Blend

D-47 Chardonnay

EC 1118 Champagne

K1 V1116 Floral

QA 23 Low N/O2

RC 212 Red

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