Where Education Meets Recess

Our Beliefs

New, Fresh, and Local

Variety is the spice of life. We believe this to our core. That is why we never brew the same beer twice. Always rotating the options make our beers "New". Because we are constantly releasing new beers, our offerings are always "Fresh." Our idea is that by selling as much direct to the customer our beers will forever be "Local!"

Take Nothing but the Beer Serious

You know us let's face it guys how can you not have fun when it comes to going to a brewery. Let Schoolhouse worry about the beer!

Malty brown ale with foamy head

Let the Liquid Talk

We strive to stay humble everyday. That is why we say "let the liquid talk." Schoolhouse will never brag about our beers. That is what we want you to do. Have a beer, tell your friends, and come back and see us

Always Open Source

With a tag line like "Where Education Meets Recess" how could we not want you to learn to brew. If you like our beers and wish to make them yourself, you're in luck. The Brewers give out the recipe and have a fully stocked Homebrew shop in the taproom. Check out our recipes!

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